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3rd August 2016

The Australian Ambassador Designate to Ireland requested a visit to meet the Westbury Irish Festival's Committee on 3rd August, 2016. We had a morning tea for him and the State Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and he was given the opportunity to meet with two of the Committee members, the President of the Westbury Show Society, Meander Valley Counsellors, Westbury Historical Society and some of the Maypole dancers from Westbury Primary School.

The Ambassador spent time learning about the Festival and the Irish history relative to our area, whilst we learned about his position that he will be taking up in Dublin in the next 6 weeks. We were even privileged enough to have a direct descendant of one of the Irish convicts - Patrick James Robinson, who was also one of the Maypole representatives - Minesha Chung.

Click to View the Video Courtesy of Southern Cross Television